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373345_380937271941504_1443420132_n.jpg Bigfoot Enterprises, LLC DBA Fessler's Sauces

Bigfoot Enterprises, LLC is the Manufacturer of Fessler's Original Sauce. It is made in a commercial kitchen in Webberville, MI. We have only been selling our sauce since June of the year, but it has been enjoyed for over 80 years

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Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP), Sysco Grand Rapids, Washtenaw County

In Season

Vegetables: Mushrooms, Sprouts

Specialty Products: Honey, Maple Syrup


Produce Safety Training
Event dates: 2017-03-16 - 2017-04-06
Registration for all four Michigan locations hosting Produce Safety Alliance grower training is now open.

Chestnut Orchard Establishment Workshop
Event date: 2017-04-20
Join us to learn about commercial chestnut production in Michigan this April 2017!

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Taste of Michigan


Fessler's Original Sauce

Fessler's Original Sauce is a sweet and tangy sauce for Fish, Chips, Seafood and More.

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Krave Ten

We are a digital marketing company that was launched in 2004. In 2012, we decided to diversify our products and launched healthy, natural, vegetarian, spicy and ethnic flavored products in the market place. We are based in Novi, MI.

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Chestnut Slices

Sweet Chestnuts

CGI's family farms produce sweet chestnuts that are a gourmet delight. Available fresh, frozen, dried and as a gluten-free chestnut flour.

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Pot Roast

DeYoung's Fore Seasons

Turn your everyday meals into flavorful feasts of the senses with DeYoung's Fore Seasons Original or Chipotle Blend Seasonings.

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Herkner's Homemade Cherry Topping

Herkner's Homemade Cherry Topping

A delicious, versatile topping for desserts, meats, etc., made in the traditional way by the Herkner family sisters.

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The MarketMaker research tool is an interactive mapping resource for identifying target markets, developing customized census profiles and mapping food related businesses over demographic maps.

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