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Find the right water testing lab for Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule compliance
Posted: 2019-02-07
Although the Food Safety Modernization Act has added new testing methods to the approval list,…

Considering a new winery or hard cider business? Attend the Winery Development Conference
Posted: 2018-12-13
Prospective winery licensees will obtain basic information about starting a winery or hard cider business…

Fire blight surveyyour feedback is needed
Posted: 2018-12-03
Take a short survey about fire blight on your farm to help researchers address and…

New Beginning Farmers series offered online by MSU Extension
Posted: 2018-12-03
This convenient and affordable online program is designed to provide an overview of potential farm…

Pesticide applicator recertification credits available online before the end of the year
Posted: 2018-11-05
Growers needing a few more credits in 2018 have until Dec. 31 to complete the…

2018 Farm Credit-Sponsored MarketMaker Innovation Awards Announced
Posted: 2018-09-20
Louisiana, Illinois, and Iowa win 2018 Farm Credit Sponsored MarketMaker Innovation Awards

Commercial specialty crop growers should register with Driftwatch
Posted: 2018-04-13
Dicamba-resistant crop acreage is expected to increase, and with it the potential for non-target crop…

Find the right water testing lab for Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule compliance
Posted: 2018-04-13
Although the Food Safety Modernization Act allows nine methods for testing agricultural water, finding labs…

Wine grape research videos now available
Posted: 2018-03-07
Find out what MSU scientists are learning thanks to Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council…

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Posted: 2018-03-07
Process exemptions are one of many ways fruit and vegetable growers may need to only…

A comparison of winter vs. overwintered hoop house production
Posted: 2018-03-07
With proper management, Michigan growers can supply fresh products year-round.

USDA Value-Added Producer Grants Announced for 2018
Posted: 2017-09-01
Approximately $18 million available in grants for value-added ag enterprises started by farmers, ranchers, foresters,…

Three online greenhouse courses from MSU Extension available to growers
Posted: 2017-05-11
Register by May 31, 2017, for Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting, Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers,…

The difference between audits and inspections
Posted: 2017-05-11
As fresh produce growers learn about the Food Safety Modernization Act, many are confused by…

Will a living mulch work for your farm?
Posted: 2017-03-08
Will a living mulch work for your farm?

Making Press Releases Reflect your Company's Truth
Posted: 2017-03-08
Every business will need to issue a press release at some time. Speaking with one,…

Producing berries in protective structures
Posted: 2017-01-20
TunnelBerries research project offers advice on selecting high and low tunnels for berry production.

Improved chestnut cultivars are a sound investment
Posted: 2017-01-20
Utilizing improved grafted chestnut cultivars is critical to economic sustainability for Michigan chestnut growers.

Are you ready for changes in the Worker Protection Standards?
Posted: 2017-01-20
Beginning Jan. 2, 2017, the Federal Worker Protection Standards (WPS) revisions took effect.

2016 Farm Credit MarketMaker Innovation Awards
Posted: 2016-11-15
Louisiana, Michigan, and Iowa Honored with 2016 Farm Credit MarketMaker Innovation Awards

Collaboration between AgMRC and MarketMaker Paves Way for New Food Mapping Tool and Educational Resources
Posted: 2015-11-24
Finding food-related businesses and related educational information on a single website will soon get a…

Farmers markets are great places to launch food businesses
Posted: 2015-08-19
Many Michigan niche food producers have successfully started and grown their businesses at local farmers…

Pilot Project for Procurement of Unprocessed Fruits and Vegetables (UFV Pilot) Webinar
Posted: 2015-07-29
The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is seeking more vendors of fruits and vegetables for…

Arkansas, Vermont, and Virginia Honored with 2015 Farm Credit MarketMaker Innovation Awards
Posted: 2015-06-17
The Farm Credit MarketMaker Innovation Awards were announced at the seventeenth annual National Value Added…

Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge
Posted: 2015-06-03
The American Farm Bureau Federation is now accepting applications for the Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge. Entrepreneurs…

Value-Added Producer Grant Funding Announced
Posted: 2015-05-11
The VAPG program helps agricultural producers enter into value-added activities related to the processing and/or…

Aquaculture Publications a Resource for Farmers Raising and Caring for Fish
Posted: 2015-03-14
Catch recirculating fish publications being released ARTICLE | WED, 03/04/2015 - 15:53 | BY ALLEN…

Creating an online Profile easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 on the New MarketMaker: Part 2
Posted: 2014-12-22
Food-related business operators can easily set up online profiles on the new and improved MarketMaker…

Do you run a food-related business? Check out the new MarketMaker web tool: Part 1
Posted: 2014-12-22
MarketMaker has a new look and has been updated with new search features to link…

Attend Meet the Buyers at Great Lakes Expo
Posted: 2014-12-05
Connecting with new buyers and markets for fruit and vegetable growers is made easier through…

Selling your food product nationally
Posted: 2014-06-04
If you are in the food product business and would like to increase sales and,…

2014 Farm Credit MarketMaker Innovation Awards
Posted: 2014-05-19
The 2014 Farm Credit MarketMaker Innovation Awards were announced at the sixteenth annual National Value…

Feasibility studies for farmers markets
Posted: 2014-03-10
Feasibility studies for farmers markets determine viability and guide decisions for start-ups and expansions.

Riverside Research and University of Illinois Ink Global Licensing Agreement for MarketMaker
Posted: 2013-11-25
Riverside Research signed a global licensing agreement with University of Illinois for exclusive rights to…

Sell your Wine Grapes across the Midwest with MarketMaker
Posted: 2013-09-19
The on-line tool MarketMaker can aid in selling wine grapes in the expanding national winery…

2013 Farm Credit National Food MarketMaker Award Winners Announced
Posted: 2013-06-05
Michigan MarketMaker takes top honors

MarketMaker Connects the Hungry in Michigan to Much Needed Produce
Posted: 2011-10-05
Michigan food banks use MarketMaker to identify regional farms to provide produce.

MarketMaker Innovation Awards go to South Carolina and Ohio
Posted: 2011-07-29
The first recipients of the National Food MarketMaker Innovation Awards are Ohio and South Carolina.…

Marketing Tool Helps State Farmers, Businesses
Posted: 2010-11-04
Mississippi's specialty businesses are finding a quick and easy virtual connection to consumers through a…

MarketMaker Receives USDA Award
Posted: 2010-11-04
University of Illinois Extension's National Food MarketMaker Project was one of four groups honored with…

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