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Herkner's Homemade Cherry Topping

sold by: Herkner's Homemade Cherry Topping (View Business Information)

Herkner's Homemade Cherry Topping

We knew our topping was delicious because we had hundreds of customers fifty years ago when we earned enough at our cherry stand to send our father to Europe with the People to People program. Now fifty years later people are still enthusiastic about our cherry topping.
Now the dream has come true. With a superior product, our energy, and guidance from the Michigan State University's Product Center, we are proof that it can be done. Our cherry topping is sold in many stores in Michigan and beyond. This all natural topping is scrumptious over ice cream, great on meats, cheeses, appetizers and also on many desserts.

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Sweet Chestnuts

sold by: Chestnut Growers Inc (View Business Information)

Chestnut Slices

Chestnuts harvested at their peak and minimally processed using North America's only commercial chestnut peeler just taste better. The secret ingredient in many fabulous European dishes and pastries, chestnuts are a healthy addition to any meal or as a delicious snack.

Chestnut Growers, Inc. is a wholly producer owned and controlled agricultural processing and marketing cooperative with 37 members who joined the cooperative to access markets for unique and value added processed chestnut products. Its product lines include peeled and frozen chestnuts, dehydrated sliced chestnuts, chestnut flour, and fresh chestnuts.

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Fessler's Original Sauce

sold by: Bigfoot Enterprises, LLC DBA Fessler's Sauces (View Business Information)


This fish sauce was a specialty of Frank's Tavern of Fenton, MI for over 80 years. It tastes great on grilled, baked and fried fish & fries. Seafood of all varieties is enhanced by this great tasting sauce. Dip your fried Shrimp and Soft Shell Crab in it. Use it with your Stone Crab Claws and Clams. Youll be glad you did!

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